Everything has a special day to celebrate, expect Outlander. With Diana Gabaldon’s blessing (per Conny of Highland Saga- thanks!) this will change on Sunday, June 1.

For us everyday is Outlander Day, but nothing speaks against a little party with all fans around the globe, aye? (Btw as far as we can tell June 1, 1991 was the first day Outlander was published in the USA.)

How do you celebrate Diana Gabaldon and all Outlandish things?

Here are some ideas to start with:

  • Maril Davis initiated this: Give a Gabaldon. You can easily adopt this for Sunday. Spread the love by giving a copy of Outlander to friends and family, or even strangers, which are just one book away from their luck. Enjoy the sharing of your favorite story.
  • Share YOUR story- how did you get the series? How did they influenced you personally? Did you already met Diana? Share your precious moment with us- there isn’t a better story to tell on Sunday!
  • Take a Selfie with the books or of your bookshelf. How do your books look like? Brand new or used? Do you have a signed copy? And does Pocket Jamie find his way on the photo?
  • Which are your favorite scenes? Read them again, and enjoy Diana’s words. Let the magic happen.
  • An Outlandish meal is obligatory, isn’t it? Take a look on Outlander Kitchen’s website and choose one. There are plenty!
  • Raise your glass (with Whisky, of course!) to Diana, who brought us all together and wrote these books, which became part of our lifes.
  • Buy some Outlander related flowers (Lavender? Forget-Me-Nots?) to decorate your home, or even plant some! (Take a look here for Outlander plants)
  • Change your profile pic on Facebook and Twitter. Post your favorite Outlander Lesson, trailer or your favorite pics! It’s all about spreading Outlander love.
  • Join the Twitter party between 6 and 7 pm (in your timezone) and tag your tweets with  #WorldOutlanderDay. Let’s see if we can move the Hashtag around the globe! 🙂 For more informations check Outlander Ambassadors.


What will you be doing? Do you have some plans?


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